Can employee moonlighting be prevented?

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, the employment…

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How IT companies drive innovation and insights for their customers

Over the past 20 years, many factors have contributed to the overhaul of digital…

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How Do You Turn Data into Profits?

The need for monetization lies at the core of every business strategy. A contemporary business is driven to create value from …

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Freedom To Be Happy

Just like podcasts are becoming Netflix, we are getting more cooler than ever at PreludeSys. Listen to the podcast on the go…

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RESPECT FOR PEOPLE is a core operating principle that runs in our DNA : Prasad Reddy, AVP – HR & IT, PreludeSys

Amazing Workplaces’ team interacted with Prasad Reddy, AVP – HR & IT, PreludeSys. Prasad is passionate about building…

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Preludesys Works With 300+ Young And Mature Enterprises Across The Globe

Today, organizations of all sizes and across different verticals embracing digital transformation to keep growing in the competitive market…

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To achieve India’s target of a $5T economy by 2030, tech providers will play a key role

PreludeSys, Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization, has been providing global technology solutions since 1998. As a trusted technology partner for more than…

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PreludeSys offers Business Intelligence and Data Analytics powered by Microsoft Azure

PreludeSys announced its entry into the Data Analytics business. PreludeSys is committed to helping organizations address their pressing data management…

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Past, present, and future of India’s equal opportunity hiring system

Equal opportunity has become more than a buzzword in the new world order. Organizations recognize the importance of equal opportunity and its positive effect on society and the health of the organization…

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How to make diversity, equality, and inclusion a reality at work

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are the cornerstones of a thriving modern business. A diversified, inclusive workplace that provides equal opportunity to all is bound to cultivate an innovative and supportive culture…

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How Modern Applications can Innovate Faster and Benefit Meaningfully

The inception of digitization has underscored the business requirement to be more agile and adaptive, requiring the companies to provide their customers sturdy but flexible access to their products and services.

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